Sabin, Enders and Weller…heroes of science??

When you object in anyway to vaccines, one of the first things you will usually be told is: “But what about Polio?  Aren’t you grateful that’s not around anymore?  The creators of the polio vaccine were heroes!”

Well, I found an interesting and disturbing website today.  I didn’t think a pro vaccine site would be bold enough to state the facts so clearly.  But they do!:

….Next, Weller prepared to use this technique to try and isolate the chicken pox  virus, as he had originally intended.  Since the Varicella virus was only known to grow in human cells, he prepared cultures of skin and muscle tissue from aborted human embryonic tissue, minced them, and placed them into flasks.  He inoculated four of them with cultures of throat washings from a child who had chicken pox .  Another four flasks were not inoculated – They would act as controls to compare the results of the first four.  He had enough skin and muscle culture left for four more flasks.

The had cultures of the Lansing strain of the polio virus and Weller put it in the four remaining flasks. He recalls, “It was almost as an afterthought: I was focusing on growing the Varicella virus, not the poliovirus.”  He was disappointed – there was no evidence that the chicken pox virus was growing in the flasks.  However, he took fluids of the cultures he had inoculated with poliovirus, and injected them into the brains of five mice.  Within on week, one mouse became paralyzed and died.   As the days passed, 3 more mice died.

Never before had there been evidence that poliovirus could be grown in non-nerve cells.  In their Nobel lecture, the Enders team said, “Thereupon it suddenly occurred to us that everything had been prepared almost without conscious effort on our part for a new attempt to cultivate the agent in extraneural tissue.”

Further experiments showed they could grow the other two types of polio, the Brunhilde and Leon strains, in the same manner.  Enders and his colleagues demonstrated that the virus would grow in human embryonic tissues from the intestine, liver, kidney, adrenal, brain, heart, spleen and lung.

Describing the tissue as embryonic is misleading.  And don’t let anyone tell you that they were spontaneous abortions.  If you can read the writing scrawled in the image captured on this website (a page from Weller’s notebook dated March 30th, 1948), you will see that the tissue was obtained from a 3 month gestational foetus, aborted therapeutically.  That is too old to be considered an embryo.  And a therapeutic abortion is an intentional one, not a miscarriage.

Now I don’t know about anyone else…but I generally find that the word “heroes” does not role off the tongue so easy when I’m describing people that mince up murdered babies and then tip chicken pox infected saliva on them.

But maybe that’s just me??

They did win a Nobel prize after all!  Maybe I just don’t understand science?

But what about Sabin?

Albert Sabin is considered a hero too.   But is he really?

It was quite a shock to discover that someone whose Jewish family fled to the USA from Poland to escape anti-semitism, grew up to perform such horrific experiments on the similarly persecuted unborn.  He and his colleague Peter Olitsky were the first to discover that polio grew on brain and nerve tissue of “embryos” (Again, I use the speech marks around the word embryos because once a human being passes 8 weeks gestation they are not an embryo but a foetus.  The babies that Sabin and his colleagues used were 12-13 weeks old.  See Debi Vinnedge’s article “Forsaking God For the Sake of Science)

They really, really don’t seem like heroes to me….. But maybe if I was a scientist I would be educated enough to realise they were heroes!

It only becomes disturbing to do when you aren’t wearing a white coat, and you haven’t got a science degree.   Right?

I get it now!  I’ve seen the light!  Vaccines are truly God given miracles!!  Where can I get one?….Oh wait…..I did get one.

Without my (or my mothers more accurately as I was too little) proper informed consent, I was given Sabin’s oral polio vaccine that contains DNA fragments and cellular protein from the harvested cells of a 14 week aborted baby boy MRC 5

Thanks for making me, and millions of others, unwitting cannibals of the unborn Sabin!

What a hero…


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