These were human babies. They did not give their consent to be used as ingredients for vaccines, test subjects to advance modern medicine, or tools in enhancing food flavours.

These are just a few of the known unborn babies, from all around the world, that have been exploited and used to make cell lines for medical science.

The first 16 cell lines mentioned on this list were created for vaccine production (Although RA27/3 is a disease strain of Rubella, and not a cell line).  The other cell lines were created for other medical and scientific research.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all aborted foetal cell lines.  There are thousands.   

If you click on a link and nothing comes up, then let me know in the comment section, and I will fix it.  It doesn’t mean I don’t have a link.  It means the drug and biotech companies are sneaky, and they frequently take down sites once they are exposed.

When I mention the age of the babies I am referring to their gestational age.

Organs taken from these babies were kidneys, lungs, thymuses, brains, skin and muscle, bone, intestine, retina and colons.

They were taken without consent, and apart from the cells that have now outlived their usefulness and expired, they are used today in medical research, medical treatments (e.g. vaccines), and in HEK 293’s case, used in the manufacturing of flavour enhancement technology for food and drink production.

These cells are for sale in cell banks all around the world.

WALVAX 2 Healthy Chinese baby girl, aborted at 12 weeks old (aborted intact and alive by “water bag breaking” method!) The most recent cell line made for vaccines in 2010.  While it is not yet used in any vaccines, it was specifically created to take over MRC 5 in vaccine production in China.  But we should not feel like this will only effect the Chinese.  China has entered the global vaccine market.

China is the country of the one child policy.  The country of forced abortions.  The country of heavy fines imposed on couples who have more than one child (or in some provinces now, more than two). The country where female babies are not exactly what you would call valued.   The country that only just recently jailed and tortured a blind Chinese human rights activist, (and his family) when he exposed the fact that some 130,000 forced abortions are performed in China every year.  The records state that Walvax 2 was an abortion (elective not spontaneous) due to “uterine scarring from a previous C-section”. Uterine scarring is only a danger to the mother if there is a rupture, and ruptures are ridiculously rare.  It is most likely that this was a forced abortion.

Whether this was a forced abortion or not, we know this baby was at least her mothers second pregnancy because of her C-Section scar.  If her first baby was still alive, then there is a huge chance that there was significant coercion involved in this abortion, the risk of a fine for having an illegal child would have been enough.

The abortion was performed in a hospital in Yunnan.  Yunnan province is said to be more relaxed in its one child policy than other provinces…but from what I’m hearing this does not seem accurate.

PER C 6 – Electively aborted baby girl at 18 weeks gestation.  Her retina were taken to make an “immortal” cell line for vaccines that are currently coming out now.  She would be around 30 years old if she was alive today.  She was also targeted like IMR 90, by scientists who wanted to replace WI-38. A direct quote from the creator of the cell line is found on page 91 of the FDA transcript linked ( “So I isolated retina from a fetus, from a healthy fetus as far as could be seen, of 18 weeks old. There was nothing special with a family history or the pregnancy was completely normal up to the 18 weeks, and it turned out to be a socially indicated abortus’, abortus provocatus, and that was simply because the woman wanted to get rid of the fetus.”

HER 911 –  Created in 1996 by Fallaux.  One of several aborted babies ranging in age from 18 to 21 weeks.  Was created by Crucell (the company that created PERC 6) for vaccine production.  It is seen as more superior to HEK 293 so most likely going to replace it at some stage.

HEK 293 – (293 stands for 293rd experiment!) Healthy electively aborted baby, unknown age but past the 8 week stage.  Thought to be a girl but not known for sure.  The scientist who dissected the baby and obtained the cells claims to not be able to remember.  When you exploit so many unborn babies it must be hard to keep track. Used for vaccine production, medical research and flavour enhancement of certain foods and drink. Senomyx has used HEK 293 cells to design a product that tricks your taste buds into thinking that what you are eating and drinking is sweeter than it actually is so junk food companies can add less sugar to the food and drinks they make…“Healthier junk food”

IMR 90 – Electively aborted baby girl, killed at 16 weeks gestation.  Her lungs were taken to make a cell line that is yet to be used in any vaccines. This baby was specifically targeted by scientists who wanted her as a replacement for WI-38.

IMR 91 – Electively aborted healthy baby boy, 12 weeks old

MRC 5 – Healthy baby boy.  14 weeks old when aborted.

MRC 7 – Lung cells of an aborted baby of unknown age and gender at this stage.  Will update once more information is discovered

MRC 9 – Healthy baby girl.  15 weeks when she was aborted.

WI-38 – Electively aborted 3 month old baby girl.  Used for vaccine manufacturing.  Perfectly healthy baby, perfectly healthy mother.  Baby girl was aborted for birth control reasons because the family did not want anymore children.  In the pursuit of making WI-38 there were also 19 other aborted babies (go to page 591) that were sent to Hayflicks science lab.

(This is the link to type in to google if the hyperlinked text above doesn’t work: )

WI-26 – Electively aborted 3 month baby boy.

Both WI-38 and WI-26 were 2 of the babies shipped to Hayflick from Sweden:

RA 27/3 – (Disease strain not cell line) (27th aborted baby, 3rd experiment) RA27/3 is a virus strain. These babies were aborted when doctors pressured their mothers to do so.  The mothers had rubella.  Rubella can cause death and severe disabilities in babies born to infected mothers…so of course, abortion is the only answer isn’t it?  The babies might have died or been born blind!  So its better to submit them to the horrific murder that abortion is, rather than allow them to live, right?  These babies were used to make the rubella strain of the MMR, MMRV and MMR II vaccines.

HEL 299 Healthy baby boy of unknown age (at least older than 8 weeks)  He was made into a cell line specifically for vaccine development.

DETROIT551 – Baby girl of unknown age.

2BS – 3 month female baby from China

KMB 17 – 4 month female baby from China

TIG-1 – 5 month old healthy aborted baby girl

HFL1 – Healthy aborted baby whose gender is unknown. 16-18 weeks old when killed. This baby was used in a medical study on collagen production.

FHs 74 Int – Female normal baby, 3-4months old when aborted.

CCD 841 – Female baby was 21 weeks when she was killed.

FHC – 13 week old baby of unknown gender.  There is chance this baby was one of the spontaneous abortions in the group of babies used that came from both therapeutic and spontaneous abortions.

SVG p12 – This cell line was made from several aborted babies.   They were between 8 – 12 weeks old, mixed genders.

LUHMES – 8 week old baby of unknown gender.

FLOW 2000 – Baby of unknown age and gender.

FLOW 3000 – 14 week old male baby.

FLOW 7000 – 14 week baby of unknown gender

NTI-4 – 9 week old baby of unknown gender.  Both NTI 4 and NTI 5 were used in a cigarette study.

NTI-5 – 9 week old baby, unknown gender

CCD 1106 Kertr – 133 days (19 weeks) old.  Unknown gender

FB5  – 23 week old baby of unknown gender

FT2 – 26 week old baby of unknown gender.

CHON 002 18 weeks female baby

AG04431 – 15 week old baby girl

AG04434 – 19 weeks old baby boy

AG04449 – 12 week old baby boy

AG04452 – 16 week old baby girl

AG04526 – 17 week old baby boy

AG06562 – 16 week old baby girl

AG06555 – 20 week old baby boy

AG06560 – 19 week old baby girl

AG13902 – 21 week female baby.  This baby had Downs Syndrome

If you are someone who still wants, or feels forced, to use the products made possible because of the murder of these babies, then show them the proper recognition.

Please don’t dismiss them as “stem cells” or “tissue” taken from already dead “foetuses from ages ago”..

They are human beings that would be around 5 years old, or in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s if they were alive today.  They deserved to live, and did not give us permission to use and exploit their organs in this way.


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