Welcome to my blog.  

I am a Christian blogger from Tasmania.  I was prompted to start this blog after I discovered the existence of the aborted foetal tissue research industry in 2014.

Foetal tissue research has been going on globally since the 1920’s. In Australia, aborted babies have been used in biomedical research since the 1970’s.   And although aborted babies are considered by some to be a scarce resource in Australia, from 1994-2002 over 1080 electively aborted babies were exploited in this way.

I have known for a while about the reality of stem cell research. But I had mistakenly believed that this was limited to using left over IVF embryos.  And as distressing enough as I had found this, I had at least believed that this was something that you had to actively choose to benefit from, if you had a disease like parkinson’s or alzheimer’s and wanted to take part in a trial.

I had no idea that aborted babies were being used as well, and that far from being an “opt in” thing, it is something that the majority of the world have been taking part in for decades, without knowing anything about it.

During a “vaccine debate” on facebook in October 2014, I became aware of the fact that cells, harvested from the tissue of aborted babies, have been used (and arstill being used today) to make several vaccines that arcurrently in use all around the world.

I discovered that medical providers the world over, have been making (and continue to make) billions of people consumers of aborted foetal material (DNA fragments and cellular protein), without knowing that they are doing it, and without allowing their patients to give proper informed consent.

I also discovered that the supposedly “crazy” “nasty”,”anti vaxxers”, have been warning people about this for decades, but have for the most part, not been taken seriously.  If it wasnt for anti vaxxers I probably never would have found out about it.

After doing some further research, I found that contrary to what our government and mainstream media claim, this exploitation of both us and of the pre born, did not stop with 2 aborted babies in the 60’s, (and never began with only 2 from the 60’s either).  But in fact continues to this very day, with scientists continuing to use fresh foetal tissue to test and develop vaccines for diseases like HIV etc.  As well as a new aborted foetal cell line created in China in 2010. (The link will take you to the abstract, but the full article is available to download for free on the abstract page). A cell line which is currently being tested to replace the old cell lines from the 60’s that are (contrary to what we have been told by our government) starting to wear out and become unstable. 

In April last year (2015), the Australian government announced the introduction of a new nation wide vaccination scheme called “no jab no pay”.  The new scheme includes the following clause in regards to religion:

“a religious objection will only be available where the person is affiliated with a religious group where the governing body has a formally registered objection approved by the Government.”

There are currently no religions that have made their objection known. Religious leaders around the country are either staying silent or throwing their enthusiastic support behind this new law.  So as I write this, families all around Australia are currently being financially penalised and bullied for choosing to abstain from having these abortion tainted vaccines injected into their children.

This blog is a way to publicly protest against this practice (and all foetal tissue research).   To expose it for the evil it is.   And to spread awareness so that others can do the same.

When I started this blog I was in an extreme place of shock, anger and horror over finding all of this out.  

I have never been more grieved by anything before, and have actually had to seek counselling over the shock.

So although I have tried to edit my blog to try and lessen the harshness and anger expressed in my posts, the horror that I still feel about it all means I’m not always able to tell how angry my posts might still sound.  

I have friends and family that I love that use these vaccines, and/or who have had abortions.  And I don’t hold any hate towards them. Huge amounts of grief and horror, and a strong desire that they will change their views …But not hate.

So I would like to ask my readers to hold me to account if they see anything in this blog that offends and/or does not bring honour to God.

All helpful comments, feedback and constructive criticisms are appreciated.

If you have any questions that haven’t been covered by my FAQ then let me know in the comment section.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rhonda says:

    I just want to thank you for standing up for what is right in a world so full of hate and ignorance. God bless you and protect you. Rhonda

    1. Thank you Rhonda ❤
      I am very blessed by your comment. God Bless and protect you and your family too

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