Debunking Dr J Wile

One common reason why pro lifer’s feel it is okay to use abortion tainted vaccines, is because of articles like Dr Jay Wile’s.

Apart from the fact that Dr Wile gives a very inaccurate picture of how many babies have been exploited this way, there are 2 main arguments we will focus on in this post, that he uses to dismiss concerns of conscientious/religious objectors:

1. There is no actual tissue in vaccines.

2. Using vaccines made from aborted babies organs, is no more disturbing than organ donation.

We will take a close look at these arguments….

With the first argument, I will give Dr Wile credit for the fact that he is correct in saying that vaccines do not contain tissue. They don’t.  (They are tested and developed using freshly harvested foetal tissue….but that’s another story for another blog post.)

But what they do contain is cellular protein and DNA obtained from cells taken from the minced and shredded organs of aborted babies.  I am aware of how awful that sounds, and I am not trying to be incendiary.  “Shredding” and “mincing” are actually the terms the scientific papers use themselves to describe the cell line creation process.

These cells have been duplicating and dividing for decades.  So some people have been mistakenly led to believe that the cells are no longer actual foetal cells, just duplicates.

The argument goes that because the cells that are used today never formed a part of the original babies bodies, this means they are no longer the babies cells.  But this isn’t true.

We all know that we start our lives as a single cell, a zygote.  As we develop, the zygote splits into two, and then duplicates and divides, and duplicates and divides again, and so on and so forth, until these cells form tissue, and the tissue forms organs etc…Basically, we are completely made up of duplicating and dividing cells.

The cells, in a cell line, duplicate and divide in much the same way as they would have done if they had been left to grow inside the organs of the babies they were taken from.  They contain the same unique DNA and chromosomal structure of the original cells that were harvested.  If placed next to each other (then apart from age) they would be the same in every way.

They are the babies cells.  And the only reason they never formed a part of the original babies bodies, is because the bodies were destroyed before they had the chance to.

So would you be comforted if I told you the following?:

“Don’t worry.  That sandwich I gave you doesn’t have any tissue in it. What I did was I took organs from a murder victim, minced, shredded and dissolved the tissue until only cells were left, and then I used those to make your sandwich. So don’t worry.  You’re not consuming tissue of a murder victim.  All you are doing is consuming little fragments of DNA and cellular protein from a murder victims harvested cells!…Feel better ?”

Now I’m sure some of you must be thinking: “But is it really cannibalism? We don’t eat vaccines”.  Well…unfortunately not all vaccines are injected (not that injecting is any less disturbing in my opinion).  Some are oral.  And if you were vaccinated for polio in Australia before 2005, like I was, then you would have received the OPV (oral polio vaccine) which contains residual DNA and cellular protein from MRC 5.


Okay, onto the next one…

Let’s look at the scenario Dr Wile gives to help convince us that using these vaccines are okay:

“Is it immoral to use these cell lines to make vaccines?  The answer is definitely not. You might think that the cell lines are somehow “tainted” because they come from abortions ; however, think about it for a moment. Abortion is murder. A person who claims to be a physician purposefully kills an innocent, unprotected person. That is evil, and there is no doubt about it. However, let’s consider another murder, shall we? Let’s suppose one of your loved ones was shot in a robbery attempt. You rush your loved one to the hospital, but it is too late. Your loved one dies. This is another murder, and it is just as evil.

Suppose that the doctors rush in and tell you that there is a young boy in the next room who needs a heart immediately, or he will die. The doctors have analyzed your loved one’s blood and found that your loved one is a perfect match for the dying boy. Would you donate your loved one’s heart to the boy? I certainly would.  It would be a tragedy that my loved one was murdered, but at least this would be a “silver lining” in that dark cloud. At least my loved one’s death would mean that a young boy could live.

The cells that were taken from the two aborted babies more than 35 years ago are much like my loved one’s heart. Two innocent babies were killed. However, they were able to donate something that has been used not only to make vaccines, but in many medical research projects over the years. Thus, these cells have been saving millions of lives for almost two generations! Although the babies were clearly murdered, the fact that their cells have been saving lives is at least a silver lining in the dark cloud of their tragic murder.”

If you have read the above scenario through, and you are already aware of what actually happens during foetal organ harvesting, you have probably already realised what is wrong with it.

But if foetal organ harvesting is a completely new concept to you, then it would be easy to be swayed by Dr Wiles analogy.  So let me tell it again, just with some changes, to make it a more accurate analogy of using aborted foetal organ harvesting to make vaccines.  (My additions are in bold)

“Is it immoral to use these cell lines to make vaccines?”  Yes.  Yes it is.

Some people believe that these cell lines are tainted because they come from abortions.  Dr Wile doesn’t seem to think so…but he is wrong (I know right! how politically incorrect am I?).

The cell lines contain the unique DNA and chromosomal structure of the original aborted babies they were taken from.  These lines exist today because unborn babies were murdered, their organs were harvested, minced and dissolved until only cells were left.

Dr Wile asks us to think about it for a moment, so we will.  Abortion is murder.  A person who claims to be a physician purposefully kills an innocent unprotected person.  That is evil, and there is no doubt about it.

Dr Wile then asks us to consider another murder, to help us understand why consuming products made out of horrifically (and legally) murdered unborn humans, is supposedly morally acceptable…

We are asked to imagine a murder where a loved one of yours comes home to you and they have been shot in an armed robbery.  You try and save them by rushing them to hospital.  But it’s too late.  Your loved one dies.  This is another murder.

Dr Wile considers this murder to be just as evil as the murder of abortion.  But is it really?

Lets compare the two:

Aborted babies endure several of the most brutal forms of torture imaginable in the process of being intentionally killed.  They are then disposed of like garbage.  Their murderers receive a legally earned salary, applause, and thanks from pro choice advocates (and even the murder victims parent/s) for doing what they did.  They also receive encouragement (and the approval from the government) to continue to do it again, multiple times more (frequently having the murders number into the hundreds of thousands).

Then we have your loved one who was shot.  They were not shot by some one you paid or thanked.  Their death will be grieved by you, and their body will be given a burial, not thrown in the trash.  They will be given a funeral service, so others that loved and knew them can pay their respects, and grieve.  And the murderer will not be thanked or paid, or given the nod from the government to go out and shoot more.

Unless there is corruption involved, all efforts will be made by law enforcers to bring the murderer to justice, and prevent them from doing it again.

Both evil, yet both incomparable when it comes to the level of evil involved.

Now…suppose you are in hospital with your loved one who was shot, and a doctor rushes in to tell you that there is a child in the next room who desperately needs a heart, and if he doesn’t get it he will die.  They’ve analysed the blood of your loved one, and it turns out they are a match for the dying child.  They want to know if they can have your loved ones heart?  Would you do it?

We know that Dr Wile would.  He thinks it would bring some good out of a tragic situation.  It is possible that you will agree with that and donate your loved ones heart.  It is also possible, that during the grief and shock you may refuse.  You may not be ready to make such a difficult decision while still grieving.  Or, you may know that your loved one was adamantly against organ donation, and you might refuse based on that.  They are all acceptable choices that you, as the next of kin (who did not play any part in the murder) to your loved one, are free to make.

Now let’s suppose that your loved one was shot and killed by someone you paid and organised for (this is what happens with aborted foetal organ harvesting).  Lets say that this person is the local serial killer (like an abortionist but someone who kills already born people).  They have killed many people in similar ways before this, and will go on to kill many more.  They even legally work for the hospital doing what they do.  When you took your loved one in there to discuss killing them with the serial killer, they asked you if you would like to donate your loved ones organs to lifesaving medical research.  Your loved one was their with you while you went through the process of consenting.  You were going to have them killed anyway!  So why not use this tragic situation to contribute to improving medical science?

So you said yes to donating to medical research. You had your own reasons for wanting your loved one dead, but you did feel a little bit guilty for doing it.  So it was nice to know that by giving your “donation” you were bringing a “silver lining” to this “dark cloud” of a situation….better than letting your loved ones organs go to waste, rotting in the ground.

There are some annoying pro life groups out there who tried to make you feel guilty for having your loved one killed.  It was (and still can be) very hard to ignore them.  So when you remember that the choice you made is going to help save the lives of other wanted people, you feel your guilt considerably eased.

You know it all contributed to a “good” cause.   Because that is what the murderer told you.  The person who murdered your loved one, and then harvested their organs, assured you that you did the right thing.

You’ve recently heard about different vaccines being made possible because of donated tissue.  You wonder if that might be your loved ones tissue? You feel the guilt (over having had your “loved one” killed) eased even more.   You really have helped save lives!  Practically EVERYONE vaccinates.  Even the annoying people who believe you committed murder, are happily benefiting from what you did.

Others are now doing the same thing with their loved ones they no longer want.  And the organisation that murdered your loved one has released a video telling you how proud they are of what you and others have done.  The president of the organisation has even gone to the trouble to thank you.  Liberals the world over applaud you…..

You recently came to realise there is another loved one that you aren’t so keen on having around anymore.  You have decided to have them killed too.  You are wondering if you will be asked to donate again?

You DO want to save more lives.  And you DO want your loved one killed anyway.  So why let their organs go to waste?

Letting them rot in the ground, instead of using them to save the lives of other wanted people, would be like committing multiple murders!!!

I do understand that mothers making the decision to abort are not always freely making their decision.  Many mothers can get coerced into thinking abortion is their only choice…and in some cases force is involved.  Far from this being something that debunks my point, this sort of force and coercion only makes the scenario I gave even more horrific and tragic. 

Do you see how that is a bit different to the example Dr Wile provided?

Far more disturbing yes…but actually more accurate in light of what actually happens with aborted foetal organ harvesting ?

Dr Wile’s scenario tells a story of a mother who altruistically donates their tragically murdered (important note: they were murdered by someone the mother did not pay or thank or hire) loved ones organs, in order to save the life of another.  Which is nothing AT ALL like what happens with aborted foetal organ harvesting..

And then we have the scenario I just gave, where a mother donates the organs of “a loved one” that she arranged and paid to have killed.  Which if you replace “loved one” with “unwanted unborn baby”, is exactly like foetal organ harvesting.  And is not altruistic at all.

If you are still convinced by Dr Wiles argument, then please pray and ask for God to open your eyes.

Pray.  Watch the planned parenthood videos (be warned that these videos are extremely distressing.  If you don’t feel able to watch them then please read up on what they are about, otherwise the sentences below wont make any sense)…and then complete the following sentences:

1) Consuming the tissue of aborted babies is wrong and evil…BUT….if you consume cellular protein and DNA taken from minced and shredded organs of aborted babies, then this is perfectly okay because:……?

2) Consuming products made from the recent harvesting of aborted foetal organs is wrong.  BUT!  consuming products made from the minced, shredded and partially dissolved organs harvested from aborted babies over 50 years ago, is perfectly okay because………..?

3) Planned Parenthood is evil!  They should be de-funded! because buying and selling organs of aborted babies is illegal and wrong.  It is exploitation!…BUT if scientists take the organs, mince them, and turn them in to cell lines, then it is perfectly legitimate for scientists and doctors to buy and sell them, and turn them into drugs for our consumption, because……..?

4)  Stem Express are evil for buying the aborted foetal organs, and using them for medical research and drug manufacturing!  It is exploitation!   BUT the vaccine scientists who did exactly the same thing to create the polio vaccine (see Sabin, Enders and Weller…heroes of science??) deserved to win their Nobel prize! They were heroes! Because……..?

5) Financially penalising and bullying Australian families that refuse to consume products that contain the end result of aborted foetal organ harvesting, is perfectly acceptable to do because……………?


Let me know how you go….


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sharon says:

    Well said! Keep up the good work. I totally agree. God has brought me to this position/stand. In my ignorance, I used to be a big advocate for vaccines. Now I fight against them. It is good to know there are other Christians speaking out. I will keep you in my prayers. Please pray for us also.

    1. Thank you for your comment Sharon 🙂
      I appreciate your prayers so much and your family will definitely be in mine.
      God Bless

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