But they were going to die anyway…..

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a family called the Smiths.

There was the Mum called Ruth, and a Dad called Dennis, and a child called Jack.  They all lived together in a happy home, in a happy village.

The people in the village were all really happy because they lived in a village where “vaccine preventable diseases” didn’t exist any more.

Nobody ever caught polio or measles, or chicken pox…Everybody was “vaccine preventable illness” free.  And it was all thanks to vaccines.  

There were still some other diseases that seemed to be on the increase, but no one was concerned about those…

…Well… there were a small “fringe group”, growing smaller all the time, who were concerned.

They regularly protested against how the vaccines were made.  And they really didn’t like the fact that aborted foetuses were being used to make them.  But these people were mostly ignored.  

They were kept out of the village for herd immunities sake, because they were refusing these vaccines out of a dangerously misplaced moral outrage.  They didn’t understand that it was all okay, because these foetuses were going to be killed anyway….

Everyone inside the village understood this, and took their vaccines happily.  They were confident that the new vaccines being developed would help eradicate all these other new diseases soon enough.

Maybe one day scientists would make enough vaccines to eradicate every disease off the face of the earth!  Jack Smith sure hoped they would.

One cold day, little Jack was walking home from school.  It was snowing.  He enjoyed the snow, and he wasn’t worried about the cold.  His whole village had excellent heating.  No one ever went cold for long….unless they were those “crazies” who lived outside the village…

Yes, those “weirdos on the outskirts” were not just anti vax.  They were also against the heating and powering of the village, because of (yes, you guessed it) more misplaced and self righteous moral outrage over the fact that aborted foetuses were used!  

They wanted to use wood. But that was against the law now.  Trees were protected as a precious resource.  It was illegal to chop them down.   Those silly people outside the village just didn’t understand…the foetuses were already going to be killed anyway…

Jack shook his head sadly as he looked down at the houses outside the village.  “Silly, silly, ignorant people…” he thought.  He would have to remember to pray for them.  He then kept going on his way.

Soon he reached his home.  He walked inside and was instantly enveloped with warmth.   After saying a quick hello to his mother who was preparing dinner, he ran to his room to put his school things away, and to say hello to his family pets.

The Smith family had 3 pet mice and a pet rat: Cheese was the rat.  And Whiskers, Jerry and Tails (Jack had named them himself) were the mice.  They were all human/mouse (or human/rat in Cheese’s case) hybrids of some form, and were not just pets. They also helped the family stay healthy and happy.

Cheese the rat grew all the replacement human foetal kidneys for the family to use when they needed them. Kidney disease and kidney failure were a real problem in the village…the crazies outside the village thought this was to do with the vaccines.  But they didn’t understand.

Whiskers mouse had a part human/part mouse brain.  Jack’s father Dennis was studying it to help find a cure for mental illnesses.

Jacks Grandma had recently gone senile, and a little crazy.   She had gotten too friendly with the people outside the village, and they had scared her into thinking that there was something wrong with the way she, and the other villagers were living.  

It was all very sad. But the new drugs Dennis was creating were going to help calm good ol’ Grandma down, and make her happy again.  She was already starting to be happier with the drugs that already existed. Just wasn’t quite there yet.  She wasn’t screaming anymore.  Just silently crying. The crying worried Jack, but Dennis had assured him that once the new drugs were ready they would definitely fix that.

Jerry mouse had a humanised brain too, just like Whiskers.  He was created for the purpose of studying alzheimer’s.  Alzheimer’s was a real problem in the village too.  Those outside the village thought this had something to do with vaccines aswell…some nonsense about aluminium…But the people in the village knew this wasn’t true.  And anyway, a cure would be found for this soon, and maybe another vaccine.

Lastly there was Tails. He was helping cure baldness.  Male pattern baldness ran in Jacks family, so he found a lot of comfort watching Tails.

The crazy antivaxxers outside the village were against this too. “Frankenmice” they called them.  But Jack knew they just didnt understand science.

They seemed to be anti everything!  They obviously just wanted people to be sick, bald, cold and miserable…and they didn’t understand that the foetuses were going to be killed anyway…

Jack gave all the pets a smile and wave (Whiskers and Jerry waved back), and he spent some time observing them in their glass enclosures.   Then he got changed and ready for dinner.

It hadn’t taken long for Ruth to prepare dinner.  All the food in the house was instant. Either tinned or pre packaged. Tonight was maggi 2 minute noodles, …

Now I know what you are thinking, but don’t worry, it was all perfectly “healthy”.

The brilliant company Senomyx (the company that made all the villages food) had developed a way of making junk food healthier.

Senomyx had used an aborted foetal cell line HEK 293 to develop a way of tricking peoples taste buds into believing that what they were eating was sweeter or saltier than it actually was.  This meant that food companies could use less sugar and salt in the food they made, without sacrificing on the taste.

Jack and Ruth were just setting the table when Dennis got home.  He had brought his work colleague Adam home for dinner.  Everybody in the village loved Adam.   He was famous you see because he was the first person ever created that had two biological Dads and no mother.

They all sat down for dinner and enjoyed it immensely.  It tasted delicious, didn’t need any added salt, and they were all so lovely and cosy and warm.

“What did  you learn at school today son?” Dennis asked Jack.

“Well… Today we learnt about World War 2.  And the holocaust and the Nazis…and the Jews…” said Jack, starting to look a little sad..”It was all so horrible.  I don’t know how it happened?”

Dennis gave Jack a reassuring pat on the shoulders.  “Chin up son.  Yes it was awful. No one can fully understand how humans could have been so evil.  But by learning about the past we can make sure that we don’t repeat histories mistakes!”

Jack gave a little smile. “That’s true.  I hadn’t thought of it like that. I’m so glad it’s not happening anymore!”

“We all are”  Said Ruth.  And she poured out some sweetmyx cordial for her son, and ruffled his hair affectionately.

Suddenly she looked up at the window.  “Did anyone hear that?”  She said, standing up to look outside.  

Jack thought he had heard something too.  It sounded like a cry…like a baby…almost like a lamb.   “Yes I did….”  He gasped, as he almost choked on his drink in his eagerness to speak.  “…It sounded like a baby crying.  What if there’s a baby outside? all alone in the snow?”.

Ruth opened the door and went outside.  A few minutes later she returned looking sheepish.

“Silly me!”  Said Ruth with a giggle as she sat back down.  “It was just Roger feeding the furnace!  They had some live ones at the clinic today!”.

Jack, Dennis and Adam all laughed.

“Oh Ruth dear, you did give yourself a fright didn’t you?”  Dennis said, as he served himself some more noodles.

Ruth blushed and gave a small smile.  And they continued eating.

Roger gave them a wave and a smile through the window, and wished them all a good night. Then he slung his planned parenthood sack over his shoulder, and walked down the hill to the next house..

…and they all lived happily and exploitively ever after…


The village kept on making more and more drugs and vaccines, for every communicable disease in existence! until no one got sick from anything anymore (or went bald, or went without “healthy” senomyx junkfood, or went without a biological child if they were gay!) And no one died, or suffered in anyway, ever again!…

Well…no body apart from the people who suffered from incredibly rare instances of non vaccine related, most likely genetic, disorders, that sometimes resulted in unexplainable deaths, that happened at the same time (or shortly after) they recieved their vaccines…but it’s fine!  Scientists did more research.  And it turned out that the timing was only coincidental.  It had nothing to do with the vaccines. (seriously, you can trust the science).  It all would have happened anyway…….

And the foetuses died of course…what else could the village do?  They needed more tissue!…Science can always improve!…and besides they were already going to be killed anyway…..


Note: The above story was of course a fictional one.

There is no Jack or Dennis or Ruth Smith, or Jerry mouse or Cheese the rat….

But if you click on the links underlined and written in blue, you will soon find out that the instances of horiffic exploitation of the unborn mentioned in the story, are all very real.

Fresh foetal tissue has been harvested every year in the US to test and develop new vaccines (not all vaccines).

Aborted foetuses have been used in the past to power houses in Oregon.  And a year later an abortionist was captured on film discussing the fact that she thought it was a good idea.   Hospitals in the UK have also used aborted foetuses to generate heat and power.

Scientists are also growing kidneys from aborted babies in lab rats for organ donations.   And creating humanised mice to study mental illnesses, alzheimers, diabetes, cure baldness….etc.

Senomyx is a real company.  That is partnered with many popular food manufacturers (including Maggi).  None of whom are legally required to disclose to you that they use it. (Note: foetal material is NOT in the food.  It was used to develop the “healthy junk food” producing creation that senomyx invented).

And lastly, scientists are also currently researching ways to create children that can be born biologically to same sex parents.  Yes it is true that they are developing ways to do it using stem cells from adult tissue.  But many, many aborted foetuses, and embryos, have been exploited, and still continue to be exploited (they need foetal tissue cells to compare to the adult tissue cells they are experimenting with) in order to reach that point.

This isn’t science fiction.  This is real.  We need to repent, and turn back to the God we have forsaken.

“Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.  For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.  For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul? For the Son of Man is going to come with his angels in the glory of his Father, and then he will repay each person according to what he has done.”  (Matthew  16:24-27)


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