Frequently Asked Questions


“Why do you care so much about vaccines and the abortion connection?”

The short answer is:  I am a  pro life christian.  When I discovered the abortion vaccine connection I was convicted to take my christian walk, and my claim to be pro-life, more seriously.  Nothing quite jolts you awake to the horrific reality of the abortion industry, like discovering that you have been made an unwitting consumer of aborted baby in the pharmaceutical drugs you were routinely given throughout your childhood.

And the long answer….

I have never been a fan of pharmaceutical companies.  I view them as lying corporate criminals.  And I’m not alone.  As well as this, their roots lie in sorcery.  A fact that they don’t even bother trying to hide.  They also make truck loads of ill gotten money, that the millions they regularly get sued for barely makes a dent in, which they use, with absolute ruthlessness, to hammer down and destroy anyone who makes a good enough go of pointing this out to a large enough crowd of people.

Up until a couple of years ago the vaccines made by these companies had pretty much flown under my radar.  They have become such an accepted mainstream thing that I myself believed I was crazy when I first started to question them.  Until I started to notice all the bullying that was taking place that was targeting those that didn’t want pharma’s products….

I felt a huge amount of empathy for the anti vaxx community.  I’m not saying at all that I don’t think that individual members of both sides of this fiery debate can’t be equally as brutal to each other.  But my heart went out to the anti vaxxers because I recognised the target sign that the pharmaceutical industry had placed on them.  I had experienced personally just how crushing a blow to this target big pharma and her defenders were capable of delivering.

At that time I knew very little about the anti vaxx position.  And certainly had no idea how controversial it was to be a part of!  But I investigated anyway and very quickly discovered a lot of disturbing things.  

When I discovered that aborted babies were being used and that the “anti-vaxxers”(labelled as such whether they were or not) were trying to make people aware of the truth regarding this, but were being bullied by pharma into silence, I was livid.

I can honestly say I have never felt so revolted or horrified by anything in my entire life.  I had a semi-public  emotional break down, and moved back into my childhood home for support.  I felt like I was living in one of the most horrific science fiction movies in existence.

Given what I now know to be true about the abortion industry and big pharma, I find the question of “why do I care so much?” completely and utterly insane.  I don’t understand how any body who is against abortion can not care?  The level of apathy concerning this issue is so great I find it impossible to understand.

This is one of the most horrific things I have ever discovered.   To me, finding this out was the equivalent of how I imagine I would have felt if I discovered my soap had been made from a holocaust victim.   It shook me to the core.  And then when those around me, who I expected to care the most, acted apathetic, I felt like I was going insane.

What distressed me further was that I recognised this apathy in myself, and had to fight against it. When enough people around me were acting like it was a non-event, the pressure to conform and just accept it as normal was huge.  I felt like a freak caring about it.  And I still have to fight feeling like it now.

Forget about autism.  I don’t care if vaccines make me live for a hundred years, give me perfect health and a mansion.  If certain drugs are made using aborted babies then I don’t want anything to do with them…..ever!   I would rather die.

I view abortion as a holocaust.  I have always been against abortion, but I have always felt so helpless in the face of it.  I  began reading the book Hitler’s Cross, shortly after I first discovered this was happening.  On page 100-101 I found this story, and it spoke to me strongly about what is happening today.  To the best of my knowledge (and I would love to be corrected on this) there is not a single church taking a stand on the abortion vaccine issue.  All are staying silent: 

I lived in Germany during the Nazi Holocaust. I considered myself a Christian. We heard stories of what was happening to the Jews, but we tried to distance ourselves from it, because, what could anyone do to stop it? A railroad track ran behind our small church and each Sunday morning we could hear the whistle in the distance and then the wheels coming over the tracks. We became disturbed when we heard the cries coming from the train as it passed by.  We realized that it was carrying Jews like cattle in the cars! Week after week the whistle would blow. We dreaded to hear the sound of those wheels because we knew that we would hear the cries of the Jews en route to a death camp. Their screams tormented us. We knew the time the train was coming and when we heard the whistle blow we began singing hymns. By the time the train came past our church we were singing at the top of our voices. If we heard the screams, we sang more loudly and soon we heard them no more. Years have passed and no one talks about it anymore. But I still hear that train whistle in my sleep. God forgive me; forgive all of us who called ourselves Christians yet did nothing to intervene.

Lutzer, Erwin W.; Erwin W. Lutzer (1998-06-01). Hitler’s Cross: The Revealing Story of How the Cross of Christ Was Used As a Symbol of the Nazi Agenda (p. 100). Moody Publishers. Kindle Edition. 

“Not every vaccine is tainted this way.  Why are you abstaining from all of them?”

It is true that not every vaccine is tainted by abortion.  Currently MMR, Chickenpox, Shingles (a non foetal cell line version is in the pipeline) and Hepatitis A are the only ones that don’t have alternatives available in Australia .   If you are only wanting to abstain from abortion tainted vaccines, then you can use the other ones if you want to.  The Children Of God for Life website contains a comprehensive list of abortion tainted vaccines and their alternatives, and it is regularly updated.

I abstain from vaccines completely because aborted babies is just one of the many (valid) reasons I object to using them.

If using aborted babies cells to make vaccines is considered a “myth” by our government and many medical professionals…then what other vaccine “facts” are they lying to us about?

(Just need to add that it is now slightly more tricky to tell which vaccines are abortion tainted and which ones are not.  COG for life website only talks about the vaccines that use aborted foetal or non aborted foetal cell lines. But we now know that aborted foetal cell lines are not the only things that taint vaccines.  Some vaccines have been developed and tested using freshly harvested tissue.  So even if they ultimately end up using a non foetal cell line, it doesn’t mean aborted babies weren’t exploited in the process that made them)

They could just as easily have used animal cell lines couldn’t they?

Well, this is debatable.  Some say yes, some say no.  At the moment, the people who have the most influence are saying no.

The World Health Organisation considers Human Diploid Cells to be superior to animal cells:  

“The first Requirements for cell substrates were published by WHO in 1959 and related to the production of inactivated poliomyelitis vaccine in PCCs derived from the kidneys of clinically healthy monkeys (4). Those Requirements were revised and published in 1966 (5). Subsequently, other PCCs were used for the production of other viral vaccines. In the 1960s, human diploid cells (HDCs) were developed and proposed as an alternative to primary monkey kidney cell cultures for production of polio virus vaccine, as well as for production of other viral vaccines. The rationale for using HDCs was based on the ability to: ■ cryogenically preserve the cells at low population doubling levels (PDLs); ■ establish and characterize cryopreserved banks of cells that later could be expanded to provide a standardized source of cells for many decades; ■ extensively test recovered cells before use in vaccine production; ■ demonstrate that the cells were free from detectable adventitious agents and that they were unable to form tumours when inoculated into immunosuppressed animals. Thus, HDCs were normal by all of the then existing criteria. It was argued that because HDCs were normal and could be standardized, tested and used for many years, they were a significant improvement over PCCs.”

and so does Paul Offit:

“And to remove human fibroblast cells entirely from vaccines is out of the question, Offit explained, noting they are necessary because human viruses don’t grow well in animal cells.

“They have also been tested for safety and the fetal cells can go through many more divisions than most other cells before dying,” he said”

Now Paul Offit, and the WHO both lie a lot regarding vaccines.  So who knows if they are telling the truth?  But the fact is, whether or not they easily could use animal cells isn’t really relevant.  They aren’t.  They are using aborted babies.  And as long as the majority of people continue to accept it, they will continue to do so.

“Abortion is a medical term that can sometimes mean miscarriage. How do you know these babies weren’t taken from spontaneous abortions?”  

The scientific papers, that describe how these cell lines were made, explain quite clearly that they were elective or therapeutic abortions.

It is very rare for miscarried tissue to be used in research.  

In order to make a successful cell line the tissue needs to be harvested and preserved within minutes of the abortion taking place to prevent cell death.  This means that the donation of tissue has to be pre-arranged.  You cannot pre-arrange a spontaneous abortion.

If you happen to find a cell line I have listed that is from a miscarried baby, then let me know in the comment section, and I will happily take it down from the list

“There are only 2 main cell lines from the 1960’s.  These cell lines are self sustaining, so no further tissue from aborted babies is needed.”

Unfortunately this is not true.  The cell lines from the 1960’s are subject to the Hayflick Limit.  These cells will reach senescence one day and will no longer be useable. 

Scientists have known this for a long time, so in the 70’s they created new cell lines called IMR 90 and IMR 91, to take over vaccine production.  

In 1995 another new cell line was made called PER C 6. PER C 6 has been immortalised, so the assumption was made that this meant it really was the final one.  However in 2003, the company that made this cell line (Crucell)approached both New Zealand and Australia requesting further aborted foetal tissue for their vaccine manufacturing.  

Then in 2010 Walvax 2 was created to take over the diminishing supply of MRC 5 in China.

(Update for 2016 check out my latest blog post.  Fresh tissue has been harvested in the US every year since 2008 to test and develop new vaccines.) 

“You make it sound like these vaccines are being topped up with fresh human baby tissue….  

If you think I am saying this then you have misunderstood me.  Please re read my posts.  

You are spreading misinformation…

Any errors I have made only need to be pointed out to me and I will happily apologise and correct them. 

These are cells!  

Yes..they are…

They have been duplicating and dividing for decades…

Some of them have, not all of them.  Walvax 2 was made in 2010….

They are “off spring”, “descendant cells” of the original cell line….

So your point is?….

So, they never themselves formed a part of the victims body.”

So you are trying to say that because these cells are no longer part of the tissue that once lived in these babies bodies, that they are somehow okay to use?  

Take the organs and mince them up… pour on trypsin to eat away connective tissue until only cells remain, destroy the babies bodies and let the cells duplicate and divide for decades on their own until they die…and voila! you have yourself some cells completely independent from the original baby!

I don’t think so…

The original DNA and chromosomal structure of these cells remains the same.  Cells transformed with adeno-virus make them immortal (and also unfortunately tumorogenic), but it doesn’t get rid of the original DNA from the the original baby, and it doesn’t stop them from being the original babies cells.

“They are not actually in the final vaccines, they are filtered out during the purification process.”  

Tell this to the CDC.  Removing these cells completely is impossible without removing the virus that grows in these cells. They remain in vaccines in “trace quantities”.

But even if it was possible, would that be any better?  

Would it be a more moral choice to use them if they filtered these cells out of the final product?  

Does using a murder victim to make something, become a more moral thing to do, if you try and make sure that no part of the actual person remains in the product before it is used and sold?

I would have the same moral objection to these vaccinations even if it was possible to filter them out completely.

“Aren’t you just trying to scare people away from vaccinating with your anti vaxx views? Isn’t that a bit irresponsible given the outbreaks of vaccine preventable illnesses we’ve been having?”  Nervous parents are trying to trust medical professionals with their children’s lives here!”

A common catchcry of vaccine advocates is that we should all “trust the experts!”.  

If you aren’t a medical doctor or scientist then forget your own opinions and thoughts.  Just trust that the far majority of mainstream experts know their stuff much more than you do.

Seriously…. Medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies are really not deserving of the level of trust that the above line of thinking requires.   It is really not a wise position to take.   And the decent medical professionals that are out there will be in agreement with me on this.

Besides, is it really okay to keep lies covered up and stay quiet about the abortion connection because some people find the truth scary?

If people find the truth I expose scary then this isn’t my fault.  

I’m not going to stay silent on something this important just because some people think it is scary.  

I’m making people aware of what is going on. Something that medical professionals who give these things out should be doing.

Isn’t abortion the real root of the problem here? Stopping vaccines isn’t the answer. Stopping abortion is.  

If you stop abortion then there wont be any foetal organ harvesting anymore.

Abortion is what we need to fight, not vaccines.

Do you think drug companies are going to let abortion be criminalised while they are relying on aborted babies to make our drugs?  The heavyweights claim foetal tissue is essential…think about it.

Continuing to support the aborted foetal organ harvesting industry, by consuming the products that are repeatedly used to justify it (vaccines), while fighting to abolish abortion, is like fighting to abolish slavery while owning a slave, and supporting the rights of others to do so…

Don’t hear me say that fighting to end abortion is not a worthy fight.  It is.  I am trying to do my bit.  And I admire many people who do far more than I do.

But fighting abortion in and of itself is not enough.

Outlawing abortion in your state, or even your country, will not stop aborted foetal organ harvesting from making vaccines and other drugs.  It happens all over the world!  

Ban abortion in Australia? Great!  But that wont stop little pre-born murdered babies from China becoming your vaccines.  None of the vaccines we use at the moment are made from aborted Australian babies anyway.

Ban it in China?  Great! That wont stop the aborted foetal organ harvesting in America, or The Netherlands, or Sweden…

This is not a side issue in the prolife fight that you can put to the side to “focus on the bigger picture” …This is a pro life fight.  Pro lifers need to fight this.  It’s not okay not to.

If you continue to use the products made from the exploited bodies of the tiny murder victims, then you are sinning.  Yes that is a judgement.  And I will own it.  If you are a pro lifer you are already judging abortion as wrong and a sin.  I am not doing anything that you don’t already do.

Abortion is a sin.  Using aborted babies as donors to keep yourself or your loved ones alive, is also a sin.   It would in fact be considered a criminal offence if the organs you were exploiting came from anyone other than an aborted baby.

I understand if you have done this without knowing.  But now that you know, don’t ignore it.

I understand if you were pressured and coerced into doing it, and/or convinced you it was really okay.  Pro vaccine advocates can be scary.  They also do a very good job of convincing people that disagree with them that they are crazy and dangerous… Don’t allow bullies like this to win.

I understand if you did so because you sincerely feared for the life of your child/children….If you really believe a vaccine is what is keeping your children from dying, it makes sense that you would feel pressured into doing this.. But the ends do not justify the means.  

Why are you minimising this? This is such a huge issue.

I have no idea how on earth anybody who has read my blogs, or spoken to me about this, can believe I am minimising this.  But it has been a question nonetheless, so I will answer it.

This IS a huge issue.  I agree.  

As I have stated elsewhere on my blog, it is an issue that has horrified me to such an extent that I actually had to receive counselling over the shock.  A huge part of this shock has been due to the fact that this issue has repeatedly been minimised by others who claim that because it is not actual tissue and only cells, it is not really that “big of  a deal”.

If for any reason any of the posts I write appear to be minimising this, then it is most likely because if I truly expressed the full horror I felt I would no longer be able to function.

Why are you catastrophising this?  You seem a bit manic.

If I’m not minimising, then apparently I’m catastrophising…I can’t win.

When I first discovered this was true I remember thinking for brief moment: “What if the people I tell don’t actually feel horrified by this?  What if the people I tell actually find what I’m telling them to be morally acceptable?  What if they try and defend this?  What if they don’t want to stop exploiting the unborn in this way?  What if they actually want to keep on doing it?”  

All the above went through my head, in quick succession, before I dismissed it all outright, thinking: “Of course they won’t!  There is no way your friends and loved ones would ever try and excuse this as “okay”….There is no way possible that anyone could ever feel justified supporting this sort of thing…It would be a living nightmare!”

And it wasWhen I first discovered that the majority of people excused this and dismissed it, and not only thought it was okay, but actually judged those that didn’t want anything to do with it as being crazy and dangerous!…it was literally like a living nightmare.

“Doesn’t God bring good from things that were meant for evil?  I am against abortion, but I think it’s good that something is being done with the bodies of these babies when they would otherwise just be thrown in the trash.   Vaccines save millions of lives, so isn’t this a good from evil blessing?”

This is taking the resigned attitude that the continued murder of these babies is inevitable, and we have to accept it.

They are going to die anyway right?  So “we might as well do something good with them once they’re dead”…..

Repeat this sentence back to yourself and replace babies with any other group of people who have in the past been killed off and deemed not worthy of living (Jewish people, gypsies, disabled people etc). 

Does it disturb you that Dr August Hirt made a similar argument to justify the horrific experiments he performed on concentration camp victims?:

“To justify the concentration camp experiments Dr. August Hirt supplied this rational, “These condemned men will at least make themselves useful,” he said. “Wouldn’t it be ridiculous to execute them and send their bodies to the crematory oven without giving them an opportunity to contribute to the progress of society.” (Aziz, Doctors of Death, 3, 305)

…..Do you still think the above question is a valid one to ask?

“Yes….Look, are you sure you are not just misunderstanding the importance of the science behind this?   It’s normal to feel nauseous when medical procedures such as this are described.  Think about it scientifically and take your emotions out of it.  This is furthering medical science.  Think of all the benefits.

Please watch this video….

Do you still think it aborted foetal organ harvesting can be justified?

Yes.  Jesus was murdered.   Christians benefit from that!  How is it different from organ donation?”

Jesus was not simply murdered.  He laid His life down and took it up again.  No one took His life from Him (John 10:18).  Jesus also did not intend for hundreds of thousands of murdered babies, to spill extra blood to make up for what His sacrifice didn’t cover.  

These babies were, and are, horrifically murdered. They did not “lay their lives down” for us and other “wanted” people”.  

Unlike organ donors, they do not, and did not, give consent to being exploited like this.

“The Vatican released a statement  saying it’s okay for parents to use these vaccines because the risk of not vaccinating is too great.  If it’s okay with the Pope, then why are you making such a big deal about it?  Are you trying to say you are more moral than the Pope?”  

I am not a catholic, and if the Pope says something is okay then this doesn’t automatically make it so for me.   If you think it does, then follow what he actually said.  Accept these vaccines on a temporary basis until alternatives are found, and make your protest against this known.  Publicly protest and pressure drug companies to make alternatives.  Sign and share petitions, and show more consideration and respect to those who refuse to use them.

Didn’t Jesus say:  

  • “Hear and understand.  “It is not what enters into the mouth that defiles the man, but what proceeds out of the mouth, this defiles the man.” Matthew 15:10?

And didn’t Paul the Apostle say:

  • “I know and am convinced in the Lord Jesus that nothing is unclean in itself; but to him who thinks anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean” Romans:14:14

  • “All things are lawful for me, but not all things are profitable. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be mastered by anything”. 1 Cor 10:23″  ?

Yes they did

“….Well…doesn’t this apply to vaccines?  Vaccines made in this way are only evil if I believe they are.  If I see them as clean then they are clean aren’t they?  And if I inject or ingest them, then they don’t defile me because it’s not what goes into me that is the problem, it is what comes out”.

No.  I’m sorry but this is using incredibly dodgy eisegesis.  These scriptures are referring to meat sacrificed to idols.  Human unborn babies are not our edible meat….

The Bible speaks pretty strongly against infant sacrifice and cannibalism, and having any part in it.  It was actually a curse that God brought upon His people several times in the Old Testament for turning away from Him.  Cannibalism is a horrific evil.

Neither Jesus, nor Paul, were ever referring to consuming unborn babies, when they gave permission to eat or abstain from eating meat.  Or when they talked about what defiled you if you consumed it….

“Everything we use today has an immoral past of some kind!  We can’t change what happened in the past we can only live for today. Don’t dwell on the past.  Not vaccinating won’t bring these babies back from the dead”

This is not part of the past.  It is very much a part of our present.   I don’t believe my (or anybodies) refusal of these vaccines or medical treatments is going to reverse time and bring these babies back from the dead.  This doesn’t mean that it’s okay to exploit these babies for our own benefit.

“What are we supposed to do then?  Are you saying we are supposed to just stop vaccinating and then all drop dead from “vaccine preventable diseases”, just to prove some self righteous, moralistic, point?

Laying aside the fact that there are plenty of healthy (still living) people who are either unvaccinated, “unprotected” because vaccines didn’t work for them, immune because they caught the disease naturally, or simply living in areas where “herd immunity” is non existent….let’s pretend we all believe the pharmaceutical propaganda which states it’s either accept their product or accept certain death. 

Who are you putting your faith in?  

Who do you believe is the author of life?  Who do you put your trust in to take care of you and your children?  

Drug companies that exploit murder victims?

Or God?

Drug companies are brilliant at marketing their products in a way that make you believe that it’s either you take their products, or you’re doomed….   

If you really buy it…If you really want to live your life with that level of fear, then that is your choice.  I can understand why you would want to make this choice if this is how you really feel.  

But please pray about it.

And please consider the possibility that if anti vaxxers have been found to be correct about aborted foetal organ harvesting, while our government and vaccine providers have been proven liars, then there is a chance this could mean that these anti vaxxers are correct about some other things too. 



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