Message to post abortive mums and pro choicers

I know you might be surprised to hear this, but this blog is not intended to condemn you.  And if anything I have written here has appeared that way to you, then please accept my sincerest apology.

As strange as this sounds, this blog and revelation I received that prompted me to write it, has given me a lot more understanding of, and empathy for, your position than I previously had.  Not agreement, it is still my hope and prayer that you will reconsider your position.  But I definitely have more empathy.  I mean it.

When I first discovered abortions were making vaccines, and began passionately exposing it all and protesting on facebook, do you know who were the most likely to get angry, unfriend me and ignore me?  The majority of my pro life friends…

The great majority of my pro choice and or post abortive friends, whether they ultimately agreed with my position or not (and plenty of them did) were more supportive and gracious towards me personally, understanding of my grief and distress (by actually letting me know this), than the far majority of my pro life friends, who either ignored me, got angry with me, or told me it was no big deal.

There were exceptions to this rule of course, which I am so grateful for.  But it was the rule.

And to be honest, this floored me more than finding out abortions had made my vaccines.


So I want to take this moment to say sorry.  I’m sorry for the hypocritical judgements that have been levelled at you by pro lifers who have not had sincere convictions.

I do not hate you.  I do not demonise you.   I love you.  I hope and pray you will not let hypocrisy stand in the way of coming over to the pro life side.